FaucetWill your home builder use quality plumbing components and fixtures in the construction of your new home? To cut costs, some builders incorporate fixtures from a DIY home improvement center or general building materials store into the construction of a home.

What most consumers do not realize is that the “Brand Name” is available at different outlets.  DIY brand names will stand the test of time a few years (even less than 45 days) as you can see in this photo of a kitchen faucet the homeowner purchased at  a supposedly “value” retail store.  A reputable home builder uses plumbing components and fixtures from a specialty plumbing vendor.  We recommend that our customers select plumbing fixtures from specialty plumbing vendors–they will cost considerably more, but the years of function are greater.  I recently replaced my vanity fixtures with the cheap DIY type to save $$$, and the handles are already stiff and the surface is showing signs of bubble warps.  The $$$ I thought I would save, I will never realize–I will need to change out the faucets soon.

Speak with your builder.  Select a reputable builder!

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